To all outpatients

To all patients

Outline and characteristics of this hospital

Consultation days and reception times

new patients or patients without an appointment

Outline and characteristics of this hospital

Outline and characteristics of this hospital

Outpatient consultation procedure

At this hospital, in principle we accept outpatients through a referral system. Please bring a letter of reference from your regular doctor when coming for consultation. It is also possible to book an appointment via a fax from your regular doctor in advance, so please feel free to do so. You can reduce your waiting time if the doctor or hospital making the referral makes an appointment for you by fax. We prioritise patients with referrals when giving consultations, so please be aware that the order of calling patients may vary. Also please be aware that patients who visit without a letter of referral will be required to pay 5,000 yen in non-insured treatment fees on their first visit, separate from partial insurance coverage. Medical and dental treatment are treated separately in terms of insurance. Please be aware that you may be required to pay for both services.

Outline and characteristics of this hospital

Outline and characteristics of this hospital

Second Opinion

The Second Opinion outpatient clinic is for when an outpatient wishes to seek the opinion of a doctor from another medical institution regarding his/her treatment plan, method or results, current medical condition, and so on based on documents brought with him/her. If you have any confusion or doubts regarding the explanation from your attending physician, you can use the second opinion clinic as reference when choosing your treatment plan and method. You can also focus on your medical treatment with full understanding.

For inquiries please contact the person in charge of second opinions at the Department of Social Service on (078)302-4321 (Representative).

1. To patients who wish to seek a second opinion from us

Those who can use the service
1. The patient him/herself
2. The patient’s family (The patient must grant permission for the family to consult on his/her behalf. If the patient is a minor, the guardian must grant permission. If the patient is deceased, the service cannot be used.)
Furthermore, second opinions cannot be granted to patients of this hospital. Please seek a second opinion at another medical institution.

Consultations which fall under the second opinion service

Our second opinion service is only a consultation based on documents (letter of referral, set of examination documents) which have already been prepared by the medical institution where the patient is receiving medical treatment. We do not carry out any examinations or treatment under the second opinion service. Furthermore, the second opinion service is not offered on the premise that you will change hospitals. Depending on the contents of the consultation, you may be refused or asked to go through the usual outpatient clinic. Again, we ask for your understanding. If you wish to be examined or treated again in this hospital, or wish to transfer hospitals, please use the outpatient clinic.

Consultation examples

• I want to ask questions about my current medical condition, my medical treatment plan or method, or my prognosis.
• I want to know what other kinds of medical treatment methods are available.
• I want to know if I am suitable for any other medical treatment methods.
• I am allowed to choose my medical treatment plan and method, but I am having trouble deciding. I want to know the risks and effects of each option.
• I want to know the chances of relapse and how much of an effect my illness will have on my daily life.
• I want to know if rehabilitation is possible.

Cases which do not fall under the second opinion service

Outline and characteristics of this hospital

Consultation dates, times and fees

• Monday to Friday except national holidays and the end of year period (December 29 – Jan 3). (It is an entirely appointment based system. Even if you bring all the necessary documents for application, you cannot be seen on the same day.)
•Consultation is max. 1 hour (including response writing time)
•¥10,500 (Tax included. Please be aware that seeking a second opinion is not covered by health insurance. Furthermore, if it is deemed necessary by your doctor to have the examination materials you brought with you reassessed (histopathological assessment etc.), additional fees may apply.)
• For patients wishing to seek consultation from several departments, fees will be charged by each department.

Furthermore, inquiries or consultations made before applying will not be charged.

The process from application to consultation

Please send or bring the following documents to the “person in charge of second opinions” at this hospital (please do not send them addressed to the doctor). If you are unable to provide the necessary documents, the second opinion service cannot be used.
Necessary documents:

• Second opinion application form (if there are dates and times which are inconvenient for you, please write them on the form.)
• Letter of consent (if the family is consulting on the patient’s behalf. Excluding cases where the patient is a minor)
• Patient referral document (reference letter)
• Examination materials (Please consult with your doctor. This hospital may specify which materials for you to prepare.)
• Blood test results
• Ultrasound examination results and image
• Image from X-Ray examination, MRI scan, or CT scan
• Photograph from endoscopy
• Physiological and pathological examination reports etc.

Information about consultation days

• Consultation days depend on the time of year and department of the application, and the doctor responsible. Consultation will take place around 7 to 14 days after receiving your application documents.
• We will inform you of the consultation day and location via telephone.
• On the day of the consultation, please bring proof of identity (such as a driving license or health insurance card).

Applications to be sent to:

Outline and characteristics of this hospital

2.To patients of this hospital who wish to seek a second opinion from another medical institution

If you are a patient of this hospital and wish to seek a second opinion from another medical institution, please do not hesitate to inform your attending physician (If you are an outpatient, please inform your outpatient clinic doctor, and if you are an inpatient, please inform your doctor in your ward). Your attending physician will write a letter of referral to your preferred medical institution, and will provide any necessary examination materials.

Points to be careful of when seeking a second opinion from another medical institution

Different medical institutions have different second opinion service application methods, applicable illnesses, fees etc. Some institutions may not provide a second opinion service. If you wish to seek a second opinion from a different hospital, please contact your desired institution beforehand and confirm their application method, and so on.
Furthermore, some places only accept applications from medical institutions. In that case, please inform us, as we will make an appointment with the Department of Social Service (2F).

Q: Won't my attending physician take offence?
If I seek a second opinion, won’t it be more difficult to be treated afterwards?

A: Please do not worry.At this hospital, we cooperate to ensure that patients can undergo their medical treatment with a full understanding of it. Doctors at this hospital will not take offence at any second opinion requests, and seeking a second opinion will bear no influence on your future medical treatment.

For inquiries please contact the person in charge of second opinions at the Department of Social Service, (078)302-4321 (Representative)

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