Division of Molecular Imaging Research

Tomohiko Yamane,
M.D., Ph.D., FANMB

Director of Molecular Imaging Research,
Center for Clinical Research and Innovation,
Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital

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With our division's highest class of facility and experience, we utilize positron emission tomography (PET) to elucidate disease pathogenesis and develop new drugs.

The Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital’s Division of Molecular Imaging pioneers PET clinical trials and related research with the highest class of technology and experience.

The term "molecular imaging" refers to the visualization of cell- or molecular-level activity in vivo. Our Division of Molecular Imaging Research works to elucidate the pathophysiology of diseases and develop new drugs using a diagnostic modality called “PET,” which allows the visualization of biological function.

The main objectives of our division, with respect to PET, are to manufacture investigational drugs, perform clinical trials and research, develop imaging/analysis methods, and produce quality controls. We have been conducting PET clinical trials since 2008, and we established a new hot lab that complies with good manufacturing practice (GMP) to produce investigational new drugs in 2011*1. These achievements and infrastructures are highly evaluated, and we have been entrusted with analyzing various PET investigational drugs and conducting PET clinical trials by domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies.

In addition, as a public municipal hospital, we strive to treat our patients with strategies based on the latest research findings obtained through rigorous clinical studies. Therefore, we will continue to improve our knowledge of drug discovery, imaging, and quality control that we have cultivated to date to provide safe and highly effective diagnostic technology using PET and contribute to the progress of medical science.

*1 This was implemented in the Institute of Biomedical Research and Innovation, a former institute to which our division belonged. It was then transferred and integrated into Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital in November 2017.